4 things to do at daylight savings time

alarm clock on nightstand

Twice a year we have to change our clocks for daylight savings time (maybe not on our phones anymore, but you get the picture).  But did you know that it’s also a great reminder to do a few things around the house that are often forgotten?  We’ve rounded up four things you should do every daylight savings to make sure you and your apartment are safe and organized.

change your smoke detector batteries

We know what you’re thinking: You know your smoke detector works because it goes off every time you cook, right?  But it’s important to make sure that the batteries are fresh at least twice a year in case of emergency.

Often times, Landlords will include in their leases that the tenants are responsible for checking and changing the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  This is important because should a fire start in your building or in your apartment, we want to make sure that you and your pets make it out ok and that your smoke detectors are in good working order to warn you.

flip your mattress

To make sure that your mattress wears evenly, flip it over twice a year.  If you’ve got a pillow top, just rotate it instead of flipping it.

wash your pillows

Twice a year, take the covers off your pillow and wash them in the washer.  This will remove any build up of dry skin or oil that has accumulated.  Be sure to put them on the low setting when you put them in the dryer and make sure that any down pillows are completely dry so that mold doesn’t grow on the feathers.

organize your closet

With the weather starting to warm up (or cool down), now’s the perfect time to pack away your seasonal clothes and break out the shorts, flip flops, and bikinis (or sweaters, coats and boots).

What are your tips that you remember to do every daylight savings?  Let us know in the comments below.

photo: centsational girl

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