multi-family gifting

Show Them That They’re Not Just Another Unit Number

Small gifting gestures throughout their tenancy can help to continue the rapport between resident and management. Surprise residents with sincere, thoughtful gestures that will have a positive impact, impart value and appreciation, and help build a meaningful and long-lasting relationship. 

Resident Gifting Strategies


Move-in & Lease-Up Gifts

Imagine handing your move-ins keys to their new home and their surprise at a thoughtful gift box waiting for them in the kitchen when they open the door, welcoming them to the community. 

Rent Incentive

Monthly Rent Incentive

Display a monthly gift box in the leasing office.  If residents pay rent on or before the first, they are automatically entered to win.  Themes can be seasonal or experiential like making sourdough from scratch or everything for a family movie night.


Resident Events

We can help bring resident events to life through experiential gift boxes or a giveaway. Hosting a pasta making night in the Clubhouse? Gift residents with all of the ingredients for a signature dish (and a dash of fun) or give a custom gift box to one lucky attendee as another incentive for residents to attend events.


Maintenance Mishaps

It happens.  Leave a little something for the resident when the dishwasher breaks, the heater is on the fritz, or just when maintenance is a little behind with a kind note like, “Now that everything’s fixed, have a toasty night on us.”


Resident Birthdays

Remembering is everything. We love to leave a small gesture at our resident’s doors like a candy cube of birthday cake caramels or a mason jar filled with cake. Small price, big impact.

Life Change

Life Changes

Celebrate those important milestones residents experience while living at your community.  Whether it’s getting a new pet, a new job, or a new baby, we can curate a gifting suite of small gifts that your employees can distribute as needed.