re creo: an underground supper club where the experience is out of this world


If you think you’re a foodie in LA, you haven’t tasted anything yet.  We were lucky enough to be invited to join Re Creo Supper Club at their monthly dinner in September and the whole experience from beginning to end was unique foodie fun.

First off, you’ve got to be an insider on “The List” in order to score an invite to this amazing shindig (don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and you can sign up below).  Because the venue is intimate, often times at the chef’s home, seats are limited.  You can RSVP as a single diner or a couple and once you’re confirmed, you’ll be sent a confirmation with the details including the time, address, and any other insights (we were told not to wear heels because of the flooring on the roof at last month’s location).

When we arrived downtown, we were among soaring vintage bank buildings of the 1920’s and were buzzed up to the penthouse level at the address we were given.  The whole thing felt mysterious and exciting.  We were going some place we’d never been, to have dinner with people we don’t know, to be served a nine-course menu where we were at the complete mercy of the chef.  To say that we were intrigued is an understatement.

Once we ascended the spiral staircase to the private rooftop terrace, we were greeted by Executive Chef & Founder, Jean Valcarcel, shaking up our complimentary “welcome cocktail” of raspberry, rocoto (spicy pepper), and rosemary.  Then we were left to take in the 180 degree view of the Los Angeles skyline, peruse the handwritten menu for our most anticipated course (hello, root beer braised short rib), and get to know our other Re Creo diners while a groovy mix of tunes played in the background.

Re Creo is a play on the Spanish word “recreo” which means “to have fun, entertain, enliven, or delight” and the evening’s guests, ambiance, and food made sure that the night lived up to that definition.  The conversations flowed easily and we loved how welcoming every guest was and how eager they were to get to know each other.  There were no wallflowers here, just a mix of really cool down-to-earth people who were hungry like us.

When we were finally ready to eat, the sun was just starting to sink behind the beautiful backdrop of buildings as event coordinator, and second half of Re Creo, Tinh Tran, welcomed us to dinner.  Marketing director, Angela Wagner, encouraged guests to post pictures of their evening on social media by using hash tag #ReCreoSupperClub which totally made us foodie-obsessed photogs feel more comfortable taking annoying pics of every course.  And each one was worthy of an upload along with the accompanying hash tags #delicious and #moreplease.

the spread

  • Welcome cocktail: raspberry, rocoto, & rosemary martini
  • Seared albacore tuna ceviche, coconut milk leche de tigre
  • Papa rellena, aioli verde, pickled red onions
  • Green pea & mint gazpacho, pea tendrils
  • Parmegiano regiano custard, spiced carrot salad, golden raisin puree
  • Korean steak tartare, frisee, quail egg
  • Sea urchin paella, cherry tomato escabeche
  • Cauliflower truffle shooter, thyme oil
  • Root beer braised short ribs, miso mashed potatoes, tangerine chermoula
  • Earl grey white chocolate bread pudding, lemon curd sauce

top nosh

Do we have to choose just one?  That’s usually not our first thought when we sit down to describe our favorite dish, as there’s usually a clear stand out.  In the nine courses we were served over the span of a few hours, each dish was equally mouth-watering.  Alright, alright, we’ll choose one. And it’s probably not the one you’re thinking we’d choose.

Our “most-anticipated” dish was definitely the root beer braised short ribs with miso mashed potatoes and tangerine chermoula.  We’re not even sure what a chermoula is, but we do know that there wasn’t a drop left on any of our plates that night.  The meat was hearty and as it melted in your mouth you could taste the underlying sugar of the root beer which gave it a slightly sweet finish.  The miso mashed potatoes were creamy and complimented the sweetness of the soda while the tangerine added some acidity and tartness.

Our “top nosh” honors go to the parmegiano regiano custard with spiced carrot salad and golden raisin puree.  This was such a unique dish!  I mean, who serves a cheese custard with carrots? Who plans a menu and says, “I’ll whip up a savory cheese mousse and pair that with carrots scented with cinnamon and cardamom?”  A creative culinary genius, that’s who!  The custard itself was smooth and creamy, similar to a really good Mexican flan dessert, but instead of a sweet treat, you’re biting into a savory cheese concoction with a crispy parmesan chip on top. Chef Valcarcel said it was the most difficult dish to make, but it was by far the easiest for us to eat.

may we suggest

  • Get on their invite list.  The only way into this awesome evening is by signing up for their email list to make sure that you’re first in line to score a seat.  They also post about the dinners on their social media pages, but in-the-know people like you will get first dibs on the coveted spots.  You can sign up below.
  • RSVP for their October 25th dinner now.  Reservations close on October 19th for their Brothers Grimm-inspired Halloween offering promising their “most macabre event of the year”.  Chef Valcarcel invites you to follow his trail of breadcrumbs through an edible journey through the darker side of our childhoods – it’s an opportunity to face your fears, and then eat them!  Mmmwwaaahaahaaa!
  • BYOW.  While Re Creo serves up the fare, you’ll need to plan ahead and bring your own wine since alcohol is not included as part of the evening. (Except for that sweet welcome cocktail, of course.)  How many bottles and what type of wine you bring will depend on you and your taste.  And keep in mind that you’ll be sitting next to some cool new people and offering them a taste of your skillfully selected vintage is always a crowd pleaser.
  • Bring cash.  At the end of dinner you’ll be given an envelope in which to discreetly pay for the evening.  While prices vary depending on the month’s menu, expect it to range anywhere from a suggested cash donation of $75 to $125.  This includes all courses, complimentary cocktails, tax, gratuity, and overall experience.  At $125, that’s an average of a little over $10 a course with tax and a 20% tip.
  • Bring Re Creo to you.  If you can’t make it to one of their dinners in downtown, bring the unique experience and amazing food to you by having them cater your next event. Whether it’s a small birthday dinner at home for your friends or a larger cocktail party for the office (book ’em now before the holidays), Re Creo is able to make your event a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure.

the specifics

Re Creo Supper Club
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To receive an invitation to their next dinner on October 25th, or future dinners, sign up here:

Also be sure to check out our posts on Eveleigh on Sunset and Animal on Fairfax for even more great places to eat in LA.

photos: Sarah Lockhart, Tim Ryon, The Suite Life

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