these walls do talk: the retro wallpaper we find

When we’re remodeling an apartment, there’s nothing we get more excited about than stumbling across a gorgeous vintage wallpaper design hidden underneath 65 years worth of paint.

Back in the day, wallpaper was the stylish norm and we wish that we could find pictures of our Old Hollywood-era building to see what the apartments looked like when they were originally built.  What we’ve pieced together after updating a few of our apartments is that the kitchen cabinets were probably an avocado green and the floor a black-and-white checkered linoleum with wallpaper in the dining room (different in each unit as far as we can tell).  We usually find these fun wallpapers just above the chair rail as we’re scraping off layers of paint (and sometimes layers and layers of wallpaper).

To help preserve this 1950’s nostalgia, we started saving intact scraps to frame and hang in each apartment, but we found that some of the designs were too large to get a good salvageable piece and a small scrap just didn’t do them justice.  So we’ve made sure to take photographs of the last layer of wallpaper and mark what suite number we found it in, so we can share them here.

Let us know which design is your favorite in the comments below and be sure to check out our before and after shots of a recently remodeled apartment here.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2016 and has been updated.

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