apartment tour faq’s

Apartment Tour FAQ’s

We love that you’re the type who wants to take a deep dive and learn more about us (that’s very our style). Below please find the most commonly asked questions we receive prior to an appointment and on tours.

Building FAQ’s

What year was the building built?

The building was built in 1951 and maintains its mid-century character.

How many units are in the building?

Our building is small and consists on 16 one-bedroom apartments located within three separate structures.

Is the building gated?

The building is gated on three sides with the driveway entry and courtyard accessible, so it is not fully enclosed. There are gates to the sides of the building that only residents have access to with a gate code. Both laundry rooms located at the rear of the building are also locked with only residents having keys.

Are there security cameras?

Our building is equipped with multiple cameras that overlook the front yard, front entry, center courtyard, end of driveway, and the parking area.

Apartment FAQ’s

Do the kitchens have a dishwasher?

Almost all of our kitchens are original to the 1950s and back then, dishwashers were a luxury for the wealthy so our kitchens were designed without them. While times have changed, our electrical has not and therefore we are unable to install dishwashers even though we’d very much like to. Whenever we’ve asked departing residents if not having a dishwasher was an issue for them, almost all of them have said that they never even really noticed. And we’d much rather handwash our dishes in a pretty kitchen versus putting them in an old dishwasher that who knows when the landlord last deep cleaned it.

What about a microwave?

Similar to the reason why we are unable to offer dishwashers, the same is true for microwaves since they would be required to be wired on their own circuit. Residents, however, are permitted to have a microwave that plugs into an outlet.

Do the apartments have central A/C and heat?

Every suite comes equipped with a fully-functioning two-sided wall heater in both the living room and bedroom that has been cleaned thoroughly and inspected by the gas company. We also provide a portable A/C unit for the suite that can be moved between rooms – like if you wanted to have it in the living room during the day and in your bedroom at night. You can also roll it away out of sight to a closet the majority of the year when it is not needed.

Is there laundry in-unit or on-site?

Our building offers two on-site laundry rooms located in the rear of the building. Each room is shared by just 8 units and includes one washer and two dryers. Our machines are credit card operated so there’s no need for quarters.

Will I hear my neighbors?

Our walls are plaster and not drywall which means that they are similar to concrete, so you most likely won’t hear your neighbors with whom you share a wall. As far as neighboring apartments above or below, to help with sound, we installed a layer of cork between the hardwood floors and the subfloor and some of our upstairs suites still have carpet. We also offer floor plans that have no neighbors above or below so it will depend on which floor plan you’re in, but generally speaking, you will be able to hear your neighbors at some level, which can be expected in any apartment.

What are my options for cable providers?

The two service providers for our area are Spectrum and AT&T. The building is pre-wired for Spectrum, although either provider is ok with us. DirecTV & Dish have made changes to the size of their standard satellite dish and the weight of them will no longer be supported by a windpipe and must be drilled into the roof of the building—which is not permitted. For this reason, we recommend Spectrum or AT&T.

Alteration FAQ’s

Can I paint?

Each suite has been freshly painted with our signature neutral, “Chocolate Froth”, to create a warm contrast and maintain consistency throughout each suite. If you’d like to inject some of your personality into the place, the owners allow for one wall per room to be painted (with the exception of the bathroom). If requested, our maintenance manager is happy to do this for you prior to your move-in ($100 per wall). The following surfaces are also not approved for painting at any time: wall heaters, cabinets, closet doors, doors, baseboard, door casing, window frames, ceilings, crown molding, etc.

Can I remove the blinds or put in another type of window covering?

To keep the community looking consistent, the blinds may not be removed or replaced. They may also not be raised and left in that position permanently.

Can I put up curtains?

Residents are permitted to add curtains, but they must be solid white where visible from the outside. This means that you can add blue drapes, but they must be lined in white. This helps to maintain uniformity across the community.

Can I hang pictures or mount a TV?

We want you to feel at home so residents are welcome to hang artwork on the walls or mount a TV although you will be required to remove the alterations upon move-out.

Can I put pots and plants outside my front or back door?

We take pride in the building’s appearance and pots and plants require a lot of care and continued maintenance – which some tenants can neglect. To keep the exterior of the building looking its best, pots and plants should remain inside your own suite and should not be placed in common areas.

Lease FAQ’s

What utilities would I be responsible for?

Water, trash, and the gardener is included in the rent.  You would only be responsible for gas and electric (each runs roughly $30-$40/month depending on usage). Cable and internet is, of course, optional and at your discretion.

Can I add someone to the lease that visits like my significant other or parent?

Only people residing in the apartment can be added to the lease. If you need this person to be on the lease in order to qualify, or you want to rent the apartment in order for someone else to live there, this is not permitted.

Can I sublet my apartment if I’m going out of town for a while?

Subletting or listing on AirBNB is not permitted at any time.

I have my own business that I run from home, is it ok if I have clients come by?

You are welcome to work from home or have a home office, however, your business activities should not generate traffic to the community and the apartment should not be used as the base for your business (i.e. in-home waxing, personal training, stylists, hairstylists, make-up artists, therapists, consulting, etc.).

I am a musician/singer/composer, can I play my musical instrument or practice my singing?

The playing of musical instruments and singing is discouraged at all times so as not to disturb the neighbors. You are welcome to play your instrument only provided that you use headphones and no sound is emitted.

Neighbor FAQ’s

How long do people usually stay in the building?

We’ve had residents stay for as little as three months (and had to break their lease) and as long as 30 years (and still here). Although, our average tenancy is around three to four years. Since we’re an apartment building, it’s natural for residents to move on after a certain amount of time, but the fact that we’re a rent-controlled building has its advantages the longer you stay.

What are the neighbors like?

Our residents just might be the single best thing about living in the building. They’re nice, courteous, friendly, respectful, and quiet. They’ll probably even invite you out for sushi or happy hour one night.

Vacancy FAQ’s

Do you ever have second floor vacancies come up?

Our second floor vacancies are very rare and very coveted. Of the 10 upper floor suites in the building, six are occupied by long term residents and the other four suites don’t come up that often. When they do become available, they’re often leased by the first person we show them to and are sometimes offered as “pocket listings” so be sure you’re signed up on our Interest List to receive updates and notifications.

Management FAQ’s

Do you manage other buildings?

With over 15 years of property management experience, we used to, but this building is now our #1 priority. We do, however, help out with a few other properties located in Orange County on an as-needed basis, but do not manage them directly. We also lease out units at other buildings from time to time and we remain open to managing other properties in the future.

Parking FAQ’s

Where can guests park?

Parking spaces in back are reserved for residents and authorized vehicles only – guests must park on the street. Parking permits are needed after 7 pm. You may purchase up to two guest permits that are transferrable between vehicles for $33/year. Free visitor permits are also available, but they do have limits on the number of days you can request them.

I have two cars, can I rent another parking space at the building?

While we wish we could, there are only a total of 16 parking spaces in back – one for every unit.

My significant other has a motorcycle. Can they park it behind my car in the garage?

Motorcycles can be noisy. Like, really noisy, and no one wants to be woken up by the warming up or revving of a motorcycle coming down the driveway. If the owner of the motorcycle is on the lease, and is willing to walk it in and out of the property, then parking it in back may be an option, but only one vehicle may be parked in the parking space at a time. If the motorcycle is a guest’s, it will need to be parked on the street.

Can my friend/cleaning lady/cat sitter park in my garage if I’m not there?

Just like above, guests of any type need to park on the street. Parking spaces in back are reserved for residents and authorized vehicles only. This minimizes the amount of traffic coming down the driveway. Guests in the past have unfortunately caused damage to the building that the owners have had to pay to repair because they are not familiar with the tight turning radius.

More FAQ’s

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