tidy: cleaning service

tidy: starting at $45

Finding a good, reliable cleaning service isn’t the easiest thing to do and we’re often asked by residents if we know of anyone.  Now we do!  Our friends at TIDY offer regular cleanings at great prices (starting at $45!).  Their Homekeepers have passed a background check, a certification program, and use environmentally responsible, non-toxic, pet and baby safe products.  Not to mention their $2M in liability insurance.

Tidy offers three cleaning options so that you can pick the one that best fits your needs.

tidy_option 1Tidy – $45
1 homekeeper, 1 hour
Typically scheduled weekly


This quick clean for the budget-conscious includes primary areas, like the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and master bathroom.




tidy+Tidy+ – $90
1 homekeeper, 2.5 hours
Typically scheduled weekly


This full clean includes the most important areas of your home (bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces), customized to your preference.




tidy mightyMighty Tidy – $250
2 homekeepers, 4 hours
Typically scheduled once a month or just one-time as needed


This deep clean covers all rooms in the home (like TIDY+), and gives extra attention to the details you care about (stairs, hallways, floors, etc).

Trying Tidy is easy:

  1. Schedule Your Cleanings
    Sign up using our referral code here (or enter CAT4 when prompted).  Want a TIDY+ every other week? No problem. Choose the frequency that works for you.  When you select a cleaning schedule, the same, cheerful Homekeeper will arrive each week to transform your home.  You can also just try Tidy one time to see if you like it.
  2. Express Your Preferences
    Everyone has preferences when it comes to their home cleaning. TIDY makes it easy for you to share what you would like done (and what you don’t) with your Homekeeper. TIDY automatically estimates the time it takes to complete each task, and determines what can or cannot be done during your selected cleaning time.
  3. Get Your Home Cleaned
    Each Homekeeper uses a smartphone to follow your specific instructions to the tee. Want them to make the bed a certain way every time?  No problem. Want them to focus on a certain area? Just say the word.
  4. Watch Cleanings Improve
    After each cleaning, TIDY collects feedback from you and your Homekeeper. Cleaning instructions and time estimates are then updated in their system for your future cleanings. This helps TIDY take better care of your home.

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