single & double+ occupancy

The building is very small, with a total of 16 one-bedroom units.  Imagine there’s only 16 people living there.  Now imagine 32 people living in the exact same space (or even 48 if there were three people per suite) – that’s a big difference when you start to think about it.

More people means more liability for the owners and more wear-and-tear on the apartment and building as a whole.  Some of our plumbing is original to the 1950’s and the increased usage has unfortunately resulted in costly plumbing repairs.  There are also more people doing laundry in the communal laundry rooms, more cars coming down the driveway, more water being used, and more trash filling up the bins (both paid for by the owners).  For this reason, the owners calculate the rent on a per person basis based on if one person lived there or more than one.  There is no additional fee between two and three people.